Out of Town presents… Birthday Adventures – Part 2: What To Do, What To Do in- Cebu?!


It’s nearly six in the evening and I touched down… Cebu!

The heavens welcomed me, pouring its blessings, but I still can’t keep the smile off my face. First thing, people who say Cebu City has the worst traffic never been to Metro Manila during 5AMs to 9AMs and then 5PMs to 10PMs, Mondays through Fridays. I love MyBus in there! It saved me from all the worries of hailing cabs and arm-wrestling with the commuters to and fro the airport. My judgment so far, great solution to vehicle congestion. I arrived at my hotel at around 8PM. Since am all drained and exhausted, I decided to sleep my way through the cold rainy night.

It’s day four now and my first morning in this city, so I decided to pack my things up and walk my way for another solo exploration. It was a great advantage booking a place at the Sampaguita Suites in Plaza Garcia cos’ it’s near the iconic and historical places in Cebu, starting with the Magellan’s Cross Shrine, which I first seen on my elementary history books.



It was followed by the Basilica Del Santo Nino, which is the Mother and Head of all Churches in the Philippines.



The Fort San Pedro, Plaza Independencia, Malacanang sa Sugbo and the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. It was a history overload in a matter of hours!





Oh, by the way, this photo below is not really majestic, but rather historic. That’s Colon Street, the oldest servicing street in the Philippines.


Since I was able to cover those spots in a short (walking) distance, I went to the upper-part of Cebu City and hire a “habal-habal” to bring me to these picturesque places:

Sirao Flower Farm (Little Amsterdam) – I think these pictures below will explain why it was called that way.



Temple of Leah – the things we do for love!



Mountain View Nature’s Park – where you can see the rest of Cebu City from above.



And to end these wonderful day, a bountiful meal at Rico’s Lechon! #LechonIsLife


Well, my bad, my day has not ended yet, cos’ I just found out that another cousin of mine, Vivian, is working in Cebu. It’s a great thing to find your relatives all over the country. We met and had another dinner in Larsian sa Fuente, a place where street foods are fresh and affordable.




It was just few hours before my birthday so I decided to throw it a party; hence, we hopped through bars in Mango Square Avenue until they all closed and had a movie marathon at 3AM/killing time until the morning comes.


It’s now my fifth day traveling and it’s my birthday. Tired and was having a hangover, I slept until 3PM, then drag my sleepy ass to this amazing resto – KKD STK + BBQ, just a couple of minutes away from my hotel. I sincerely did not regret going there. Linarang na Tasik is a must-try.


I spent the rest of my special day roaming around. Man, that was a fun day!

The morning after, at 10AM, was my flight to another city. And so, the adventure continues…

(This is a continuation of my last post 2 months ago. Due to unforeseen events and laziness, I just finish this one today. 🙂 )


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